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So I cracked 5 Limited and 1 BD today. I think I did pretty dang good... LMK what you think...

Limited first...

[Image: 11-12limitedwendelclarkgu.jpg]

[Image: 11-12limitedlucicgu.jpg]

[Image: 11-12limitedbrowngu.jpg]

Jagr 10/10
[Image: 11-12limitedjagrgu.jpg]

Backes /99
[Image: 11-12limitedbackesjumbo.jpg]

RNH /199
[Image: 11-12limitedrnhjumbo.jpg]

Hall/Eberle/Omark /99
[Image: 11-12limitedtrioseberlehallomark.jpg]

Reimer/Joseph/Fuhr /10
[Image: 11-12limitedtriospatchesfuhrjosephreimer10.jpg]

Yzerman /25
[Image: 11-12limitedyzermanprime25.jpg]


JVR /25
[Image: 11-12limitedjvrauto25.jpg]

Erik Johnson /25
[Image: 11-12limitederikjohnsonauto.jpg]

Neely /25
[Image: 11-12limitedneelyauto25.jpg]

Perreault /99
[Image: 11-12limitedperreaultauto.jpg]

And the most unexpected....
[Image: 11-12iceladeskog99.jpg]

No pics of the inserts and base, but I will list them:
Limited Base /299:
D Alfredsson
Erik Johnson
Mike Richards
Gary Simmons

Red (/49):
Adam Graves

Gold JVR Spotlight /25

Also pulled a Lucic Championship Ring out of the Black Diamond, but my photobucket is being slow so I havent gotten it uploaded yet.

All for trade, cept the Yzerman I guess I will keep that.
Awesome Landy Ice Rookie.
Nice pack break....I really like that Backes Smile

I already have the Oshie Monikers 1/1 incoming Smile)))
Wow I love the look of those cards!
you did good, congrats! interested in gilbert perrault auto if its FT. LMK!
I love the Lucic! Lmk if you got any Caps! Great breaks!
Not bad
Some amazing stuff there! I know who is going to be after that Neely! Haha! That Landeskog /99 is awesome, too! Congrats!

Nice stuff out of those packs. I´m interested in the Linus Omark card. Plmk.
Very nice breaks!!! I really like the look of Limited this year. The design is much better than last years. Did you not hit and RCs??? Also great hit on the Landy Ice /99. Congrats!!
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