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Okay folks, really need to trim my collection, so I've marked over 1500 cards in my org, all of which are for sale for 70% off the book value.

So fire me an open trade offer with everything you want, and it can be yours for just 30% of BV, plus $2 shipping regardless of whether you're buying 1 card or 100.

Hundreds of autos & mem cards, mainly baseball and football available. Only applies to stuff currently marked FT in my org.

Help me move some of these cards while getting a great deal for yourself! Cheers.
Offer sent
Thanks man, will ship them out tomorrow!
(01-18-2012 02:00 AM)drmilstid Wrote: [ -> ]Offer sent
Just mailed a couple of great deals to some soon-to-be happy new owners. Keep 'em coming!
offer sent
(01-18-2012 02:19 AM)roger rabbit Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks man, will ship them out tomorrow!

Thanks buddy, sweet deal.
My pleasure man, several great deals made today, anyone else wanna get in on this?

(01-18-2012 01:05 PM)drmilstid Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks buddy, sweet deal.
A few more great deals today, bumping back up for anyone else. Cheers.
Likely the last call, gotta get my stuff back up FT.
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