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So I found a lot I bought then the set. I am hoping to help anyone out looking for any of these cards. I am looking at $5.00 in trade value for all the cards except Johnny Damon $10.00, Dennis Eckersley $15.00, Mike Mussina $10.00, and Carlos Delgado $10.00. These cards are more rare than the Gold version. I am looking to get all my Derek Jeter base and insert set needs from 1996 to 1999. I am also willing to sell if you want but I am asking $2.50 per card except the cards mentioned above as those I will be asking half of trade value so if you wanna buy it the 3 marked for $10.00 I want 5 and the $15.00 is $7.50. On any sale I will ask $1.75 for shipping on the first card and the rest are free. I am hoping to trade though so please send offers.

[Image: scan0035-4.jpg]
[Image: scan0036-3.jpg]
[Image: scan0037-3.jpg]
Wow nobody wants any of these. I have a huge want list and I am sure someone has to have some. When I get the set I will have alot of the bigger named players that I am sure some people will want.
Put me in for a Will Clark if you get one please!
please check me for the damon -thanks
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