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I am needing to finish off these sets. I have included lists below. You can shoot me an open offer, PM, or just reply here and I will set up the trade. Let me know what you have. Thanks

2007 SP Authentic

2010 Bowman Platinum

2009 SPX

2006 Future Stars

2007 Legendary Cuts

2006 Flair Showcase

2009 UD Spectrum

2008 UD Heroes

2008 Allen & Ginter

2005 UD Reflections

2005 Sweet Spot Classic

2005 Zenith Jerseys-Prime (Patches)
I have all the sp and maybe some of the others, lmk.
I have all the 2010 Bowman Platinum. I will get them into my organize in the next 10-20 minutes. Send an offer.
BigMerz: I had to send it back to you because you had card number 15 from 07SP and I need 16. Just accept and we are good like that. Thanks for your help!

randall44: Bigmerz beat you to them, sorry man. Do you have any of my other needs.

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I also have #16 from 07 sp if u need it
(01-17-2012 04:28 PM)sastahl Wrote: [ -> ]I also have #16 from 07 sp if u need it

Yes I do need it. I also needed #81 from 2007 SPA. I sent an offer. Thanks!
Wednesday bump. Any help for these set needs today?
Friday evening bump. Any help today?
Saturday bump any help would be appreciated
Updated and a bump for Monday. Thanks to all of those who have helped so far.
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