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I got off work early headed over to Toys R Us beacause there isnt a LCS in my area. I saw a 10-11 Black Diamond blaster for $14.99 ( I figured i cant go wrong) and also picked up 11-12 BD blaster for $24.99

I didnt pull much in the way of rookies but i did get:

10-11 BD blaster
*** Henrik Karlsson rookie gems
Jeff Carter Quad Jersey ( black & white )
Gordie Howe Team Canada die cut

11-12 BD Blaster
*** Yann Sauve rookie gems
**** Jonathan Towes pc
Jaromir Jagr Championship Rings All-Time Greats

All in all I think i got my moneys worth

Thanks for looking
That's a nice break. Championship rings are hard to get in hobby!
Not bad
you did very well congrats
Nice hit on a blaster with the Championship rings!
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