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Unable to pick up a full box yesterday (as they were sold out,) I decided to pick up a handful of random packs at my local news shop. At this particular shop there's no way to pick your own packs, because they're stuck in a pack dispenser behind the register, next to the lotto tickets, so the cashier is the only one who can dish them out. Must have been my lucky day, because I did surprisingly well considering what I ended up picking up. I bought three packs each of 11-12 Black Diamond, 11-12 O-Pee-Chee, 11-12 Pinnacle, 10-11 Pinnacle and one single pack of 2011-12 Artifacts.

First up, from the three packs of O-Pee-Chee, I ended up pulling a Teemu Selanne Rainbow parallel, and only one real hit, a nice quad-jersey Souvenirs card featuring Buffalo Sabres Thomas Vanek, Tyler Myers, Nathan Gerbe and Tyler Ennis. Solid card for $6 in O-Pee-Chee packs, I must say...

[Image: 2011-12OPCSouvenirs-Buffalo.jpg]

Moving on to the 2010-11 Pinnacle. First pack was all base, the second had a Patrik Elias Rink Collection, and the final pack contained a nice City Lights jersey of Daniel Sedin...

[Image: 10-11PinnacleCityLightsMaterials-DanielSedin.jpg]

Got a little bit luckier with this year's Pinnacle, as I got three hits in three packs. First a Zac Rinaldo RC, then a Claude Giroux Rink Collection parallel, and the third pack held a nice Pinnacle Threads jersey of Keith Yandle...

[Image: 11-12PinnacleThreads-KeithYandle.jpg]

Next up, one pack of Artifacts, which had a decoy in it. The decoy wasn't a big thick one though, just a smaller one, which hid this Tundra Tandems card of Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin behind it...

[Image: 11-12ArtifactsTundraTandems-CrosbyandMalkin.jpg]

Finally, my three packs of 2011-12 Black Diamond. First pack gave up a nice two-color jersey card of Claude Giroux...

[Image: 11-12BlackDiamondJersey-ClaudeGiroux.jpg]

Pack two contained a sweet insert, a Championship Rings card of Duncan Keith...

[Image: 11-12BlackDiamondChampionshipRings-DuncanKeith.jpg]

And finally, expecting my luck to run out at the end of the break, I was pleasantly surprised to see this young man sitting behind a decoy...

[Image: 11-12BlackDiamond-RyanNugentHopkinsRC.jpg]

How can I complain? I spent less than $50 and ended up pulling quite a few nice cards.

Finally, after I got home from the news shop, this was waiting in the mail for me...

[Image: 02-03FleerThrowbacksSquaringOff-NeelyvsSamuelsson.jpg]

A card featuring my all-time favorite, Cam Neely, and my all-time least favorite and most hated player, Ulf "Cheap-shot" Samuelsson.

Eventful day, for sure, and it just kept on coming. I set an alarm to pop online at 2:30 in the morning to see if anyone had bid on a card I had my eye on. Still zero bids on this thing with just over a minute to go, so I threw down the minimum bid on in, just to see what happened. Just over a minute later, I was the proud buyer of a 2011-12 Artifacts Black autograph of Patrick Roy, #5/5!

To top it off, I threw a bid on an Eric Lindros autograph tonight, and won that as well! That's two bids, two wins, and two incredible new additions to my all-star PC, in two days. It makes up for the trades that I had that would have landed me a Brodeur and Fuhr autos, for sure. Tomorrow I'm going to sit hit a local card show with a pocket full of high end traders, and when I get home, I'm going to back and try to make some more trades to hopefully get that PC chugging along.

Everything pictured (except for the Neely/Ulf dual jersey and the RNH Black Diamond RC, those are PC) will be available for trade for my far-too-many PC's.

Thanks for looking!
nice pulls... I could use the RNH, I just pulled a Neely gemography auto if you might want that for starters? Smile
Hanging on to one copy of each of the RNH rookies I pull, but I've still got a bunch of stuff available. Check me for the Neely for sure, I'm interested in it. Pulled a nice Pinnacle Game Night Materials Prime of Datsyuk, and also threw a couple of his jersey cards that were formerly PC into the org for trade. Have a look and see if we can make something happen!
Wow! That is some fantastic luck, Chris!!! Congrats on the amazing hits from the random packs, and the great mail/eBay day! I bet you would love to be able to mangle the other half of the Neely card without consequence, huh? Haha! Awesome story, and thanks for the great read!

Great story - Good things do happen to collectors every now and then !!!
nice hits

and love the Samuelsson, does it say if it is from a Whalers jersey
Thanks for looking everyone!

No J.J., the card backs states that it's from a Flyers jersey.
ok, was going to go nuts if it was Whalers mem....

at least i can keep it where it is on my list
Nice pulls Chris!!! You have the best luck on random packs. Congrats!!!
Love the fleer throwbacks dual !!
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