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okay, i have these two refractors (pics below):

1996-97 Finest Pro Bowl Jumbos Refractors #18 Emmitt Smith
1996-97 Finest Pro Bowl Jumbos Refractors #10 Troy Aikman
1996-97 Finest Pro Bowl Jumbos Refractors #3 Terrell Davis

Id be willing to trade one, or both.

what id like in return:

anything basketball, football or baseball. preference on newer cards (2008-up), but it isnt a dealbreaker if not. right now, im looking for baseball and basketball more than football

1. something of equal value, 1 for 1
2. trade down for extra value. only want cards worth 3 dollars -10 dollars if trading down.

i dont want: to trade down to mid range cards: so i dont want to trade a 100 dollar card for five 20 dollar cards, or two 50 dollar cards. if im trading down, i want stuff in the 3-10 range, and i ak looking for extra value

best offer by monday night gets it

[Image: 2291142470047542036S600x600Q85.jpg]
[Image: 2570481580047542036S600x600Q85.jpg]
[Image: 2628362990047542036S600x600Q85.jpg]
Can you check me? I'd be willing to give you the $3-10 cards. Thanks
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