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I only have 3 more to get until I have everyone produced by Donruss/Panini Playoff Contenders. I took the pics with my iphone and uploaded it with the photobucket app.

[Image: a73a1681.jpg]
1993 Darren Smith

[Image: 8a350847.jpg]
1993 Derrick Lassic

[Image: 14d14635.jpg]
1993 Kevin Williams

[Image: 8dac7b4c.jpg]
1994 Shante Carver

[Image: 0db34e18.jpg]
1995 Sherman Williams

[Image: a320c601.jpg]
1997 David Lafluer

[Image: 232021df.jpg]
Eric Bjornson

[Image: 24839445.jpg]
2000 Michael Wiley

[Image: e7857780.jpg]
2003 Zuriel Smith

[Image: aafe7cb7.jpg]
2003 Terence Newman... this card is weird, it is supposed to be a RU/AC but it was never autographed.....

[Image: eb35cbba.jpg]
2003 Jason Witten

[Image: 923bc33b.jpg]
2003 Tony Romo

[Image: d48e0119.jpg]
2004 Patrick Crayton

[Image: 7ec0ec46.jpg]
2004 Julius Jones

[Image: c8eb1025.jpg]
2005 Marion Barber

[Image: 30109bf8.jpg]
2005 DeMarcus Ware

[Image: 98999a90.jpg]
2006 Sam Hurd

[Image: cc209271.jpg]
2006 Skyler Green

[Image: 2e6b0d92.jpg]
2006 Pat Watkins

[Image: 28e9b5d8.jpg]
2006 Bobby Carpenter

[Image: 52b20a88.jpg]
2006 Anthony Fasano

[Image: c8131983.jpg]
2006 Miles Austin

[Image: 1b6568a8.jpg]
2007 Anthony Spencer

[Image: dbee7b4b.jpg]
2007 Isaiah Stanback

[Image: eedb7107.jpg]
2007 Nike Folk

[Image: f027ba28.jpg]
2008 Matellus Bennett

[Image: 7f417bdb.jpg]
2008 Mike Jenkins

[Image: 2928b40f.jpg]
2008 Tashard Choice

[Image: 6a2065ca.jpg]
2008 Felix Jones

[Image: 6984c806.jpg]
2009 Manuel Johnson

[Image: bd6de33f.jpg]
2009 Stephen McGee

[Image: 0ed6cce5.jpg]
2009 John Phillips

[Image: 5f2f19c0.jpg]
2009 Kevin Ogletree

[Image: de8736e2.jpg]
2010 Chris Gronkowski

[Image: b44259be.jpg]
2010 Lonyae Miller

[Image: 3f2598ac.jpg]
2010 Dez Bryant

[Image: eb945e58.jpg]
2010 Dez Bryant

[Image: cbd58a32.jpg]
2010 Sean Lee

Two big ones that I will pay $$ for is Quincy Carter and Roy Williams (2002)
Very nice collection, I always love looking at everyone's Cowboys PC'S! Great job and hope you get the last few ones!!!
Very nice collection, even though I hate the cowboys.
Sweet man, I love it and you should be proud!
Wouldnt mind having one of those miles austin onesSmile Very nice collection
Great looking collection! Good luck on the others.
very nice!
Great stuff. I am doing that with the Dolphins Contenders.
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