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grabbed a few more boxes on the way home from work today a box of 11/12 artifacts, 11/12 Certified(i am loveing the certified), 2008-09 UD ser.1 and a pack 0f 08/09 UD Trilogy(the trilogy had a nice Lemieux PLEXI. have a minor Lemieux PC so nice to hit), and then it turned into maybe the most interesting boxes ive opened...

ill do the 08/09 UD series One first, some YG's obviously, Crosby Hockey Heroes, and GU jerseys[Image: scan0003.jpg]

... and the rest of the inserts[Image: scan0004.jpg] I am Keeping all of the 2008/09 UD as i needed all of the inserts for my set Except for the YG EXCLUSIVE if anyone is interested LMK

Now the Artifacts. this is the 6 or 7 box of artifacts i have opened from 11/12 and the first time this ever happened....[Image: scan0001.jpg] this is now the 3rd time i have pulled the Canuck trio, yet still havent seen the oilers.RED222 Sean Couturier RC EXCH
[Image: scan0002.jpg] A SECOND REDEMPTION Artifacts Rookie Autographs Redemptions #REDA7 Ryan Johansen EXCH i have never had 2 in a box before not the best players for my own collections but not bad players. OH and LAST PACK RULE 2 PC base cards(Crosby, Eberle) a rookie i needed and a redemption were in the bottom pack!

and then this happened!!!
[Image: scan0005.jpg] 5 memerobilia hits, a seguin gold, and some totally silver immortals great box! again not the players i collect but some great cards
-P. Kane #33 Prime 02/10
-N. Lidstrom prime 02/25
-C. Pronger 002/399
-B Sutter 101/399
-C. Crawford 57/99
-TSeguin 24/25

[Image: scan0006.jpg]
#60 Totaly purple Gagner 04/10(Cool Oilers Hit)
There was not a single base card in this box, EVERY card was a TOTALY SILVER PARALEL OR INSERT and 2 more redemptions

all in all im glad i stopped at my card shop for some boxes!
(Oilers and Ovechkin NFT) but the rest of the totaly silvers will most likely end up in my org...
Looks like you hit a platinum hot box! Nice Breaks!
funny we didnt even notice that they were paralels until we added them to our existing set and had to look it up as to what we had.
Pretty sick hits
nice pulls, would be interested in the Patrick Kane prime jersey if its for trade, pm me or send me an offer please!


Congrats on the hot box! interested in the Lidstrom Prime.
I'm interested in the Canucks Trio if you can spare one of the 3 you have pulled lol I have some boxes coming in soon.. let me know
Wow! Incredible boxes for sure! Congrats!

you did very well congrats
(01-15-2012 04:23 AM)jowlsisacanucksfan Wrote: [ -> ]I'm interested in the Canucks Trio if you can spare one of the 3 you have pulled lol I have some boxes coming in soon.. let me know

yes i can spare one of the trios or 2 if you want
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