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Well it wasn't a good day on the trade front. I received two trades today and both of them ( one 25 cards, one @ 6 cards ) had all the cards stacked in these dammm snap case with no loaders or sleeves. These weren't base cards either they were gu and autos and one was a $40.00 bv refractor. If that doesn't top it off I recieved one gu card in which the jersey swatch was missing, yet I wasn't told prior to the trade. I've informed both traders and I'm not going to name names so don't ask. I'm putting this out so that in the future other people understand if you make trades ship in loaders and sleeves don't stack multiple cards in these snap cases there is no surface protection when that is done.
how STUPID! what a bunch of donks! Sorry those traders thought so much of you to pull that crap.
Sorry to hear that lump! Sad I hope you can get everything worked out.
What? You don't like vault cards?? Wink

[Image: 2003VaultCards1.jpg]
That's crap. Plain and simple
(01-14-2012 09:26 PM)ricky williams 34 Wrote: [ -> ]What? You don't like vault cards?? Wink

[Image: 2003VaultCards1.jpg]

That's so funny RW43 Sorry about your cards lump Sad
Was it a vault card?
well that stinks they were dinged up and one missing from another...i guess i never really thought about those snap thingy's..i dont use them cuz i love a penny and top-loader but i get cards in them sometimes from folks..
Hmmm....i guess i will look closer at the cards next time i receive some in a snapper thing.
sorry Big brother, i hope this turns out ok for you..mabye a redux on the trades or,i feel for ya'man
Sorry to near that bud....I consistantly get cards from one trader very poorly packed....only thing we can do is not trade with those members anymore no matter what they have that we want....hopefully it works out for you
I HATE snap cases!!! Yuck!!! Sorry for your loss...Sad
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