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Full Version: 2011 certified break
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stopped at the lcs and broke a box of certified and this is what I got... a little disappointing but at least the gabber is an on card auto and has a cool # 007/250

[Image: 589c1ef7.jpg]
Not tool bad lol. Lmk if leshoure is ft
anything i have for leshoure in my bucket is for trade ...make some phins offers
Interested in the Austin Jsy...LMK if it's for trade
yup is few trade ... want some phins though Smile
yeah could have done better but ive seen way worse
I've bought 2 boxes and pulled the same Ricky Stanzi autographs, just numbered 10 apart... #051/100 and #61/100

And a redemption from each box as well.

Sad Sad
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