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I had to ship out some trades today and I used the last of my bubble mailers so I went to the store to restock and decided to buy some cards while I was there.

Picked up two of what I think are fat packs (?) of UD Series 1 and Pinnacle. 32 cards for UD Series 1 and 40 for Pinnacle per pack. I also got two individual packs of each.

I really wanted Black Diamond, but they only had a retail box available for $20 and I wasn't sure if I should waste my money on that so I opted to pass. Would you have bought the BD box?

Do big name stores like Target sell hobby boxes ever? The boxes they had weren't marked hobby or retail, but they were small so I assumed it was retail only which I was I passed.

I'm about to bust the packs and will post the results in a new thread.
The BD box was retail. Target only sells retail. I have seen them with Football Rookies & Stars Longevity Hobby boxes but that's it. Sometimes blasters are fun but most of the time don't yield much in the high end area. I buy them because I collect Capitals base cards so it's a win for me if I get any. Smile
target only retail

back in the day kmart had both retail and hobby where I did very well on my buys
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