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Please send open offers if you see anything you want. I'll be updating the thread all week too as I have lots of new traders incoming, so keep an eye on it!

[Image: smoltz123.jpg]

[Image: guerrerohittingmachine.jpg]

[Image: johnsonrandysweetswatch.jpg]

[Image: ordonezspgamebat.jpg]

[Image: hellicksonpurple.jpg]

[Image: hamiltonplatinumblue.jpg]

[Image: garcia11platinumgreen.jpg]

[Image: sanchezheritagechrome.jpg]

[Image: lesterpurple.jpg]

[Image: rodriguezivanplatinum.jpg]
(slight crease in card below swatch)
Updated with more:

[Image: luebkepurple.jpg]

[Image: hochevarheroesblue.jpg]

[Image: patriotstoppsgold.jpg]

[Image: jimenezgypsypaper.jpg]

[Image: ravenstoppsgold.jpg]

[Image: hoffmangoudey.jpg]

[Image: cainspectrumgold.jpg]
(also has a slight ripple below swatch)

[Image: torresgypsyauto.jpg]

[Image: walden11tcheritage.jpg]

[Image: teixeiraheroesblue.jpg]
One final update today:

[Image: sanchez11bcpurple.jpg]

[Image: lidgeud10gold.jpg]

[Image: hamelschromepurple.jpg]

[Image: flores11bcref.jpg]

[Image: crow11tcpurple.jpg]

[Image: bradyprimebronze.jpg]

[Image: perry11ag.jpg]

[Image: zimmerman11patch.jpg]

[Image: choo11patch.jpg]
Offer sent for the Hellickson. Thanks
Today's new additions:

[Image: tulowitzki10ginter.jpg]

[Image: ramirezhanley11ginter.jpg]

[Image: hernandez11ginter.jpg]

[Image: colvin11ginter.jpg]
check me for the pats cards and the comm patches
(01-13-2012 11:48 PM)rascrush Wrote: [ -> ]check me for the pats cards and the comm patches

Have you gotten anything new recently? I "check you" every time I post a trade thread, but haven't seen anything I need the last few times.
I could maybe use the Tex
Bump for one more day of trading this weekend
offer sent for Felix
check me for cain.....thanks
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