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Hi all! Just looking to trade these away. I also have a YouTube channel with other cards I'm continually getting thru Ebay or other trades. Check me out at bdkane721! Thanks for watching!

[Image: IMG_0872.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0870.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0869.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0873.jpg]
[Image: DwayneHarris.jpg]
[Image: ReggieBush.jpg]
interested in that sparky anderson, give me a check for it!
Open offer sent, is there anything else in my org that you'd like? I see a bunch in your trade list I'm interested in. Thanks!
i too like the sparky if still avail
Sorry mgruber2, I didn't see anything I'm interested in.
I loved Tim Raines, his rookie cards looked so cool, especially the 81 Donruss but the topps in high grade looks great too. Did you know that he'd slide head first rather than feet first so as to not disturb the vial of goodies he'd keep in his back pocket? Def hall of fame for that alone.
interested in an 87 Topps Gallery of champions bronze Tim Raines? if so we could probably work something out.
Showstopper2, yes I'm definitely interested...what did you have in mind?
daytonator: yes I did know that. I'm glad it wasn't HGH or Clear/Cream...but who knows, it could have been that too! He should be in the Hall, especially if they let guys like Larkin and Alomar in there. The only bad comparison he has with those guys is his defense.
I could use the Sparky? Did they make cards of Tim Raines? jk,,,Thanks for your time...Mel
How come you traded the Beachy but it shows 2 of them in your organize.
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