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To make a short story even shorter, I bought 3 packs of Black Diamond. Opened them earlier today, found this in the first pack:

[Image: crosbyauto.jpg]

Feels pretty good Smile
sweet card to add to your collection
Holy flippin cow! Awesome pull! Congrats!

Freaking amazing card! Didn't realise there were Ice cards again this year, Damn I need to get some boxes soon the urge is driving me mad lol
i'm jealous....that's one of the 9 Crosby signed cards they put in random packs (cant remember where i saw the article about it)
Very nice! Makes my Keith Aulie look pale by comparison.
Awesome card,congrats
crazy nice

your the 2nd one I know pull a buyback but different model, the other one is on the auction site
Umm I opened 4 boxes and got nowhere near that....
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