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I went to my LCS today & picked up 5 packs of 11-12 Black Diamond. The very first pack had a Gemography in it! As I slowly started revealing it, I saw a "99" at the end of the signature! I immediately revealed the rest of the see it was Keith Aulie of the Maple Leafs - #59. What a letdown.

The other 4 packs had double diamonds of Weber, Voracek & Semin. All the rest were single diamonds. Still, it wasn't bad getting an auto from just 5 packs.
not too shabby
Haha! It's good to hit an Auto in just five packs... but Aulie? Ick! Haha! Very nice, and congrats!

Not bad at all. Congrats!
Haha, what a let down, but pulling an auto in only 5 packs is always nice! I want your luck!
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