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wow! thats one of the best cards i've seen out of artifacts and artifacts delivers some sweet stuff, congrats man!
I see you collect Ryan Miller....a couple of boxes ago I got the Artifacts Patch 1/35. Nice piece of the patch...nice looking card.

that is truly an awesome card. Great Pull! and i honestly do believe it should go to a Pens fan, ha ha. would of been nice to see the canadian flag portion beside crosby though. would just make more sense Smile

i have yet to pull a 1/1 and look forward to that day very much, I just hope when it come it can be an Oilers card, but if not haveing Crosby on it would be ok
Absolutely amazing. Congrats on your pull.
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice pull.
wow id love to get that card
How Much? Everyone has their price?
I really don't know what I'd much does everyone think it is worth?

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