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Insane pull me and my 5 year old son share the hobby and I know pulls like that are bond formers CONGRATS!
As a big time Pens fan that is a UNBELIEVABLE pull!!!! The tags are wonderful!!! Great, great pull and if your ever interested in trading, let me know. I'd love to have that in my PC. Congrats!!!!
I think I am going to hold on to this for a while....even if I am a CAPS fan....
As much as I hate the Pens, I sure do miss Crosby....

awesome pull!! it should definately go to a Pens collector.....I might just know one! Smile

I have its distant cousin:
[Image: HUGEPENS0001.jpg]
Amazing and just reminds me of the Sedin dual one I missed out on..Really hope one of these days I will pull such a whale to add to my collection. Congrats
nice pull congrats
Where in Michigan did you go?
I didn't go to Michigan....I ordered the boxes online.

i didnt know Malkin played for team canada
The jersey was made in Canada; that flag is part of the tag
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