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In my last lame, pic-less post, I told you guys about my horrible Certified box break. I walked into the LCS like a gunslinger today... it was time for vengeance, loose pack style. It turned out wonderfully odds-wise.

3 packs of Black Diamond, 2 packs of Certified, and 5 packs of Series 1 yielded:


Oh, and there was this little bitty thing. They are supposed to be VERY cool.


When I saw the checklist, Steve Ott caught my eye. No offense to the man, but that would have been a little disappointing. I was pleasantly surprised by one of the biggies in the set.... Marty Brodeur.

I can't wait to see this thing!
Congrats and hope Panini has the autograph in stock. Waiting is painful.
Awesome cards! I agree with the above, though. I had to get rid of my Scratching The Surface set progress, because I found out that Panini was not able to get the players to sign the redemption cards, thus not completing the set. So I got replacements and sold what I had. I hope that you have better luck!

Glad it turned out to be Brodeur & not Ott, (pretty big difference there). Post the scan as soon as you get the card.
very nice congrats
Sweet redemption
Nice hits from loose packs!
just sell the bordeur too mee... lol Big Grin
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