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Looking to start working on my Tino Martinez PC. All cards in my org or ft/fc. Comment or pm if you have any nice tino cards you'd be willing to part with. Thanks Smile
i have a game used
(01-11-2012 09:11 PM)elberson Wrote: [ -> ]i have a game used

sorry man i already have the 3 in your org
Open offer sent. Thanks
Do you happen to have anything higher-end BV$50+ available for trade? I have a Sweet Spot Auto /24
I have a few, lmk if interested...

[Image: scan0072.jpg]

[Image: scan0071.jpg]

Also have 1988 Topps Traded USA Glossy RC & 2 2002 Fleer Platinums
sorry I already have a very large majority of his base cards, looking more for auto/gu/serialnumbered
the top middle and top right are serial #'d.
(01-12-2012 01:19 PM)span776 Wrote: [ -> ]the top middle and top right are serial #'d.

Yeah forgot about that, Have a copy of both already. Thank you very much though
Did you see my post?
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