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I started school today (go to Southern IL Edwardsville) to finish up my last class I need for my bachelor's degree...had to add 3 more classes to get to full time so I was there most of the day. I have some downtime for two hours at noon so I decided to stop by the card shop there in town because I knew he had an Oshie card that I wanted to try to work a deal out for. I also noticed 5 packs of Certified left in the box so I decided to buy em up @ $9.99/pack...even though I have a fresh box arriving on Thursday. The first pack that I opened held the beast, but here were a couple others I pulled:

Masked Marvels #15 Henrik Lundqvist
Certified Champions #4 Patrice Bergeron
Mirror Red Materials #60 56/150 Sam Gagner

Here was the monster:

[Image: royvachon1.jpg]

AND here is the Oshie card I snagged for what I felt was a great price:

[Image: oshiespectrumrc.jpg]

Oh, ALMOST forgot to post a scan of the back of the big hit:

[Image: royvachon2.jpg]

I figured Beckett would have a value for this one, but it is n/a. The non-auto version books quite well, so I wonder what this one is worth?? Needless to say, I'm glad I finally hit something big to break my streak of horrible luck Smile...and it's my first autograph of Roy that I've ever owned!
Wow that is sick i thought i did well
Sweet pull!!! Congrats
Awesome pull. Congrats on the Roy and I hope your luck continues.
I'm drooling over that card. WOOOOW
Wow! What a hit! Congrats!
Killer dual hit, congrats! Gotta love those surprising big hits, for sure.
Wow its awesome
wow nice hit
Congrats on the big pull!!! maybe your luck is changing and you can hit more big pulls!!!!
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