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So, I have two sets up for trade. Both are from the 2010 Topps 206 set. I have one that has all of the SP's 1-350 and one without 1-300.

The set 1-350 has a total book value (by card) of $426.00. The set books at $200 (never understood this) but anyways, looking to trade the entire set for a TRADE value of $300.00. Looking for Jerseys, RC's, and general trade bait between $10-$20 per card range.

The set 1-300 as a set books at $50. Don't feel like subtracting out the SP's to figure out the by card book but I think its safe to say its probably around $250. Looking for $80 in TRADE value on this one. Again, looking for Jerseys, RC's, and general trade bait between $8-$15 per card range.

If you are interested in either set, please PM me so we can try to make a deal.

Bump - no one interested?
Your asking more than BV.... heck sets sell for less than book just like single cards.
I agree your wanting a bit more then most will give man, sorry.
Im open to offers. I understand sale but that's why Im offering FT. If I were to trade these individually it would be over $400 in book value so I guess it depends on how you look at. Plus these have 50 SP's so to try and put it together would take time as it did for me.

Anyhow, like I said, Im open to offers, trying to get out of baseball completely. If you guys have interest PM what trade value you would be willing to do.

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