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'60? Topps #23. Have no idea of its value. Don't have the FB OPG...Mel
[Image: scan0041-2.jpg]
I bet you will get something nice for that. Beautiful card. I didnt know they put floor planks in basketball cards.
It's not listed in your org.
Its one of the thickest cards I've ever seen, had to put it in a snap case.
The Jordan card will be traded...Mel
Last shot at this card...Mel
Beautiful card Mel!!!
you can check me for it
Lol, you just canceled our trade, right?
(01-10-2012 08:52 PM)radarblip Wrote: [ -> ]Lol, you just canceled our trade, right?

Yeah because I wanted the baseball Adam Jones, not the football guy...I do not remember seeing that card in your org though.
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