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I'm offering a $50 Finders Fee (per card) for information that helps me obtain any of the following Alexander Burmistrov autographs:

2010-11 Certified Mirror Black Freshman Fabrics Signatures /1
2010-11 Dominion Rookie Signatures Printing Plates /1
2010-11 Limited Platinum Spotlight /1
2010-11 Luxury Suite Black /1
2010-11 The Cup Gold Rainbow Autograph Rookie Patch /8
2010-11 The Cup Auto Plates - SPx Rookies /1
2010-11 The Cup Auto Plates - SP Authentic Rookies /1
2010-11 The Cup Auto Plates - Ultimate Collection Rookies /1
2010-11 The Cup Auto Plates - The Cup Rookies /1
2010-11 Upper Deck Young Gun HG /10

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I'm watching eBay so no need to advise if something pops up on there. Thanks.
Hey there do you have a burmistrov cup rainbow /8 I really need one for the set lemme know of anything please thanks
Bump for any help, thanks.
bumped to $75 per card now
what's your ebay name?
on your printing plates, do you need any colors of which?
Also, Do you have a website that has a list of what you have/want?
I'll take any 1/1, regardless of color or type. As long as its a certified hockey card.

My website is
how did you happen to come across all those cards? Printing plates? Etc. I'm looking for a bunch myself and have yet to find any.
Just pick them up...your looking for Burmistrov plates as well??
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