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Opg is ending shortly, wanna get some trades in and take some time away for a few weeks.

Here are some scans, no particular order.

Looking for nice Jeters in return. 15 bv and up. Hits from my wantlist will also work. All my wants are listed. My Jeter wants are a mess though. So if you fill your side full of Jeter cards, I will probably go through and remove all but 2 or 3. Open offers work best thanks. I will also put priority on checking organizes of those who take the time to send an offer. When that is done, I will go through the "check me" thread responses.

[Image: 01-03-2012051923PM.jpg]

[Image: lastscan.jpg]
[Image: DJThonAu.jpg]
[Image: MattMooreFGR50.jpg]

[Image: utleyblackhert62.jpg]

[Image: uggla.jpg]
[Image: priceblue.jpg]
[Image: ogandorcref.jpg]

[Image: mauersepia99.jpg]

[Image: lesterblack99.jpg]
[Image: garciaheritageref552.jpg]
[Image: gabyred25.jpg]
[Image: castrogold50.jpg]
[Image: bowmanplatinumreds.jpg]
[Image: 2011refractors.jpg]
[Image: valenciaatomic225.jpg]
[Image: x4.jpg]
[Image: x3.jpg]
[Image: X2.jpg]
[Image: dicekRCSP.jpg]

[Image: X1.jpg]
[Image: kintzlerxfracrc.jpg]
[Image: valenciaheritagechromeref562.jpg]
[Image: 60YOTjeet.jpg]
[Image: JoeyVOtto08TripleThreadsSaphireRC25.jpg]
[Image: ref.jpg]
[Image: brookspopup.jpg]
[Image: ginter1.jpg]
[Image: ginter.jpg]

[Image: 2011RyanDiamondDieCut.jpg]
[Image: HeritageBlackBillingsley.jpg]
[Image: Ibanezredref.jpg]
[Image: WilinRosario2010BCP.jpg]
[Image: TylerChatwood2010BCP.jpg]
[Image: LBJGoodwin-1.jpg]
[Image: RobinsonChirinos2010BCP.jpg]
Here are some more scans

Keep the offers coming

[Image: MickeyMantle2011ToppsChromePurple499.jpg]

[Image: 2011PinedaRedRefAuto.jpg]
[Image: HeathBell2010206PiedmontFramedauto.jpg]

[Image: DSCN3343.jpg]

[Image: Golsengold.jpg]
[Image: 08HTGSP.jpg]
TTT for more offers, thanks
Would love the Hosmer or Pineda. Not sure what the prices are on them but you can check my organize and see if I have anything you would take in trade.
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