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we all know that a patch card with more color breaks or a patch with part of the reebok logo is worth more but recently Ive seen such cards sell for as much as three times the same card with one color so how much can a good patch really add to a cards value and is it possible for beckett to ever put a measure on such a thing? I know that in most situations it comes down to how much a particular buyer thinks its worth but when multi color patches always* out sell one color patches i think that there could be a real multiplier put to the value in a fashion similar to how parallel cards do. For example a patch card would read $30 and .4 to 1.2x for each break. What do you guys think?
there should be no such thing

each set would differ greatly in patch value variety
(01-08-2012 10:09 PM)jacobystealshome Wrote: [ -> ]there should be no such thing

each set would differ greatly in patch value variety

+1, or should I say, +.4 to 1.2

If it is an event used patch, it would lower the range, etc, etc... WAY too many different sources for patches, which means way too many ranges.
Being a collector of multi colors, this belief that they should have a different value varies greatly by the person trading or selling the card. I have done trades where they wanted face value and others where they wanted 5 or 10 more in value. So it really depends on the person moving the multi color.

But to say there MOST be a higher value... well I do not agree with that since the market has become flooded with multi colors.
The patch multiplier is a joke. If some seller is trying to get a premium for a card with a multicolor patch when every single version of that card has a multicolor? Give me a break
I think there should be a difference for a logo patch, but i don't know if it would be of much use in a professional pricing environment. Now out in the market it is obvious, a few letters or a birds eye, a panther claw here and there will always get better prices, i think just because they are cooler. I dont know of a formula that could be applied to how cool something is without extending into personal instead of strictly professional.
I feel If the patch is one color is should just be worth less than book...3 color not worth any more but actually worth what book is
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