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A couple years ago, a dear friend passed away and left me his 1966 Topps cards. He'd collected about half the set and I'm trying to put the rest together in his memory. I still need many, many commons -- and I don't much care what condition they're in. So here's what I propose:

I have six 5000-count boxes of cards sitting here filled with the 1980, '81, '82 and '83 Topps sets. For most cards, I have at least a dozen copies(some stars excluded). I've added all but the '83 cards to my organize, but if it's '83s you're looking for, I'm happy to look for each person's wants individually.

So if you have 1966 Topps cards you're willing to trade to help me complete my friend's set, I'd like to help you complete your early '80s Topps sets. Any takers?

Many thanks,
Stan J.
Trading 80s for 60s likely won't get a lot of takers, but you may get some help given the reason behind the set. I will see what I have and if I find some send an offer.
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