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I decided that I'd really only like to collect the non race-used cards of Mark Martin. I'm at around 1150 different cards now and all the race-used stuff is going to be near impossible to keep up with. Mostly looking to sell, but I'd also consider trading these for patch/autos of TJ Oshie or Patrick Kane in hockey.

[Image: 2012-01-08_20-14-50_260.jpg]
I would like a shot at the multi colored hat and the glove card if I have anything you would like to trade for. If not, let me know what your asking price is and I will see what I can do. Nice cards.
I wish I had some cash to spare. I really like that last card and the Showcase dual.
Added two Relic/Autograph cards numbered out of 25. Shoot me a PM if you'd like to discuss a purchase!
Down to my best 3 cards left remaining.....
Just 1 left...will take $25 for it!
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