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Full Version: Shortage of Defense?
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So i have been watched a ton of box break videos on Youtube and reading all of peoples break threads. Is it just me or does 2011 products seem to be overwhelming with Offensive hits. I know that there are tons of great rookies like newton julio jones, Murray Antonio Brown and people like that. But i havent really seen any huge Defense player hits like Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, James Harrison Polamalu or anyone big like that. Idk just was thinking about it. Whats you opinion?
Most 2011 products only have rc hits of players that went to the Rookie Premiere, so Dareus, and Von Miller are the big 2 there, as far as veterans go, there haven't been a lot of defensive players to sign rights for game used or signature items.

You'll see it often in Equisite or Nat'l Treasures, but because defensive players aren't as marketable as offensive guys it's probably not worth the money panini or topps or ud are willing to pay guys to be in sets.
Ah i c. That does make sense i guess. I would still like to pull a huge Ed Reed Auto or something just because.
I know as far as rookies go, I've seen a lot more offensive than defensive players. I don't have the money to rip too much, but I have been able to pull these

[Image: 028ca5c5.jpg]

This one is gone, but it was the best pull of the 2011 year for me (baseball or football)

[Image: d4123d77.jpg]
Yea are those for trade of sale. I would like both of those?
(01-07-2012 03:23 PM)kbfullerr Wrote: [ -> ]Yea are those for trade of sale. I would like both of those?

Pm sent
Reed and Troy and Urlacher, etc are definitley exceptions, but it's not just basic defenders that usually miss the cut. Offensive lineman and Kickers rarely if ever have autos or jerseys after their rookie year.

Unless you get some HoFers like Jan Stenerud or Jim Ringo, or most recently Lee Roy Selmon, OL/DL and K/P are very hard to come by.
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