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Here is my new favorite unless get a trade i like
[Image: 015.jpg]
[Image: 009.jpg]
alsogot a topps heritage minors blake perry auto/861
zach mccallister 08 elite aspirations auto 22//100
shane peterson aspirations auto10/50
Currently seeking my banner but hockey rightn ow is a plus. Also looking for sick gretzky cards perhaps old inserts.
i'll take a shot at the posey.
Hey you got any hockey?? any gretzkys available, I have a ton of other things so please do not let this low amount of items throw you off. just been without comp.
Do you still have the Posey? If you do, I would like a crack at it also. I have some cards not in my org I would contemplate giving up.
Do you collect vintage hockey? I have some early 70's stuff.
Interested in the posey too
I am interested in vintage, posey still available.
Anyone elsse?
everything still available, currently in a process to move the posey could be a minute any other takes.
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