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I need redbacks, black minis and pretty much anything that's #ed less than 100. (Particularly plates, will trade in your favor).
I have these mini red backs
6, 8, 13, 105, 159, 254, 294, 333, 350
these mini blacks
199, 209
I need these mini red backs 13, 105, 294,350
and Black 199, 209. Let me know what you collect. Hopefully we can work something out.
(01-07-2012 03:10 AM)acedoc1 Wrote: [ -> ]I have these mini red backs
6, 8, 13, 105, 159, 254, 294, 333, 350
these mini blacks
199, 209

I need the 199 black mini. check me for your needs.
I'm also working on the master set overall, which also unfortunately means I need the Gypsy Queens inserts. I'm not wild about them, but to complete the set, I've got to do it.

I need GQ4,GQ7,GQ8,GQ11,GQ13, GQ17,GQ20 of the regular backs.
Of the red Gypsy queens I need GQ1-4,GQ6,7, 9,12-18, and 20.

I need all the Gypsy Queens relics, except for GQ 2 and 6, which I unfortunately had the luck to pull.

I also need all of the Gypsy Queens autos as well.

I won't trade anywhere near book for them, but I would definitely like to pick them up.

These are the silly fictional character cards, not to be confused with the actual baseball autos/GU.
I have a gypsy auto, but would have to go. BV on a trade, I got it off eBay a while back and they are not cheap ! I also have some gypsy queen red backs I will go thru later and shoot ya pm.
hahahaha, I have a bunch of the Gypsy Queens. I didn't even bother putting them in my org yet as I can't bring myself to collect them. I have one or two of the Gypsy tarot as well.
It's really unfortunate that they included these silly cards into the set, but they are and I'm working on the master, so yep I want what you've got.
need this?

[Image: scan0129.jpg][Image: scan0130.jpg]
Definitely interested in the sandberg. What do you collect?
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