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Full Version: Hey You! Yes, You....
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If you are going to use a stinking hot elephant doo pile of packing/scotch tape on your top loaders/team bags, please, PLEASE, PLEASE, leave a tab on it so that it doesn't take a chainsaw to saw through all of the tape to (trying not to damage the cards) get to the cards...

Just saying, a little turned over tab on the end of your tape will help me smile. That's my tip for the day!
me? i dont think i did that...
I knew I liked you!!

Packaging so that it arrives safely ALSO means being able to actually get the cards out safely.

Only thing worse than scotch tape is PACKING TAPE on toploaders. Oy!
LoL, I just got one of those a few minutes ago! Real nice Emmitt jersey card Numbered to 15, I was so glad I didn't damage the card.
But I sent you the chainsaw to open it with!!! No I too actually hate it. Like CEO said yes its safe and secure but damage can come afterwards too!
(01-06-2012 05:40 PM)robsvideos Wrote: [ -> ]me? i dont think i did that...

Judging by that look on your face, I KNOW it was you!!
Yeah, usually I'm fairly patient, but *SIGH*, my patience only goes so far, and when I can't even find the end, I get frustrated, then get the scissors...or a knife...and I remember who sent me the cards... (Insert wicked grin here)
I actually laughed out loud when I read that! Thanks, Kelly. Needed a good laugh to close out a long week. Wink
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