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Send offers if you would like or let me know what you are interested in. Happy Trading!

[Image: tradethread1-50001.jpg]
[Image: tradethread1-50002.jpg]
[Image: tradethread1-50003.jpg]
[Image: tradethread1-50004.jpg]
[Image: tradethread1-50005.jpg]
Just sent an open offer for the Bumgarner.
open offer sent for the Verlander
Check me for the Fielder Letter AU
offer sent
Please check me for the Fielder auto and the triple ACE patch
open offer sent
I need the GQ plate. Check my org, see if you like anything. I've also got a ton of other autos not listed, so let me know who you are looking for.
Fielder auto has been traded to me, thanks for the deal!
(01-06-2012 04:12 PM)iamralpho Wrote: [ -> ]Fielder auto has been traded to me, thanks for the deal!

Nice quick deal, will ship out later today....I am about to respond to all other offers right now.
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