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Had a little blind's what I ended up getting.

Vincent Brown Finest Freshman crystal atomic refractor /50
[Image: 6dcfaef2.jpg]

J-Stew Topps Magic
[Image: 6ab38527.jpg]

Antonio Gates 2011 TTT Unity Relic auto /75
[Image: e3c96dae.jpg]

And last but certainly not least this bad boy...

JStew Exquisite auto /10
[Image: bfab05a8.jpg]
OMG tha Exquisite is just, well....Exquisite!
(01-06-2012 01:07 PM)koolkellygirl Wrote: [ -> ]OMG tha Exquisite is just, well....Exquisite!

I agree. I just about fell out my chair when I saw it. Love the green backdrop on a Ducks card. Big Grin
Smile You're welcome kind sir
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