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got home and found this in my stack of mail

wasnt expecting to see it since they took care of me with a replacement .. either that they felt bad for all the run around with this from the get go ..

nice looking card for it being a Steelers player Smile

[Image: redemptiondwyer.jpg]
Gotta love unexpected panini mail!
Glad to see he's now signing! One of my three redemptions is an auto from him from Contenders but not the RT, I think it's something like Sig Ink?? Maybe I'll get a little package too, oh I do love those!!

Great going mate!
perdy darn cool what some of the companies have done lately to help out their dedicated collectors and fan base. Well done Panini!
Ya i was told since i got the replacement. That i wouldnt be getting this card. ,which i fully understood and had no problems with . And then i get home from the gym. And see the mail all piled at my front door and was like ok i got the package i was expecting today now what package is this? I first thought i forgot about a trade i may have done with someone then i flipped it over after sorting. And it said panini . So i opened it and to my surprise it was my redemption that i redeemed back in FEB. 2010..
well, either someone messed up or they sent it to ya anyway. either way, it's nice of them to send it. nice card, too!
ya thats what i was thinkin, ehh ya its a nice card for a Steelers LOL
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