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Has it ever been discussed about having a separate Selling forum? Seems there are more and more threads about selling, albeit one person and their ridiculous threads are a big part of it, but also seems there are many more some of the people who have been around for awhile also popping up with sales threads. I have no problem with people trying to sell their cards if they are at rationale prices, but would prefer to have everything I open in the trading thread be for trading, and if I am looking to buy, go to a separate forum for that, especially with the clutter thats currently out there. Has that ever been discussed? Anyone else have thoughts?
Why is it that difficult to filter through the titles that post FT or FS?

You'd rather take an already slow board, and make it look like there is even less activity and traffic? This is coming from somebody who doesnt sell, but does buy, and sometimes it's from the people that post FT.
When the sell fees are re-implemented the sell posts will drop in number. Right now they are free and we are allowing them- see sticky up top on selling
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