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As many of you know, I am a chromie who regularly posts Bowman Chrome and Draft breaks on this board. You can see some other breaks here:

2008 Bowman Chrome:

2008 Bowman Draft:

2008 Bowman Sterling:

2009 Bowman Chrome:

2009 Bowman Draft:

2009 Bowman Sterling:

2010 Bowman Chrome:

2010 Bowman Platinum:

2010 Bowman Sterling:

2010 Bowman Draft:

2011 Bowman Chrome:

2011 Bowman Platinum:

Today I am scheduled to receive 10 cases of the 10 Bowman Draft product from Big T's, and hope to start busting this evening.

I will be listing out all numbered cards and autos and will attempt to grade the break on a box by box basis. I invite you to stop by this thread, help me with the grading, and contribute to the discussion. I sleeve, clean, and sort as I go, so the breaks usually last 7-21 days, which gives a lot of different members an opportunity to stop by and comment while the break is still ongoing. The collective expertise of the Beckett community in these threads invariably makes me more knowledgeable about the product. Plus, it's fun to show off a little bit. Please don't expect me to respond to trade requests. I'm really not a trader, and I have all I can deal with just trying to bust these boxes in my spare moments.

To heighten interest in the break, I will organize a couple of contests. All contest information (including results) will be in this thread, and entries need to be posted here as well. This keeps the Message Board tidy.


CONTEST#1: To kick things off, I will be offering FIVE autos from among my duplicates (I will give you a list from which to choose after the entire break) to the winner of the first contest. To participate, you need to guess which prospect's autograph will appear *in my first case* as the lowest-numbered parallel. There are 34 in the set, see For example, if the first case produces 8 base autos, two refractor autos, a blue auto, and an orange auto, who is the orange auto? If there is a tie for lowest numbered parallel (e.g., two blue autos), the winner will be the one I pull LAST in the case. If nobody picks the winning auto, we will go to the tiebreak. To break ties, you must also guess the final score of tonight's K State - Arkansas bowl game. Closest to the pin wins, further tiebreak goes to the first poster. All entries must be posted before kickoff TONIGHT at 8PM Eastern. I settle all disputes.

A valid entry, therefore, will look something like this:

"Lowest parallel: Bubba Starling
Arkansas 30-27"


Make sense? Okay, good luck! If you miss the deadline for this contest, don't fret. You'll get a chance at another contest during this break if you check back to this thread regularly.



In this contest you must predict which base prospect auto will appear the MOST in the final six cases of my break (i.e., Case #5 - Case #10). Parallel autos do not count towards this total. I have provided a link above to the prospect auto checklist. If there are two or more base prospect autos that appear with equal frequency, the winning card will be the one that appears last in the break.

As a tiebreak, you must predict the score of next weekend's Patriots-Broncos game. Closest to the pin wins, further ties broken by earliest poster. I resolve all disputes.

The prize for this contest is a $60 + $5 shipping SHOPPING SPREE in my CheckOutMyCards store. After the contest is over, PM me with the buyer ID that will be used to purchase cards. For every card that you want, offer me 50% of what I have listed and I will accept that offer until you have reached a total of $30 in purchases (which means you are getting $60 worth of purchases from me). At that point I will reimburse you $35 (to cover your shipping costs from COMC) via paypal at an address that you provide me.

This means, of course, that you will have to trust that I will reimburse you, but you will see above that I have a long track record of honoring contest prizes. If you do not have a COMC account or wish to transfer your prize to someone else for any other reason, you may do so, but those arrangements are your responsibility. I will only accept a COMC ID and paypal address directly from the contest winner via PM.

The LOSER of this contest (if your player is least represented among the base prospect autos) will receive a Medium Flat Rate Priority Mail box filled to the brim with 1990s junk baseball cards.

If you are not comfortable with these terms, please do not play. Although I am directing the winner to my COMC account, there is NO EXPECTATION that you will use any of your own money to buy anything from me, plus I will be covering $5 of shipping costs, so I believe this contest falls within Beckett's Terms against solicitation, but I will consult with a moderator to make sure.

Anyway, a valid entry would look something like this:

"Most frequent auto: Bubba Starling. Score: 20-10 Patriots."


Make sense? Please let me know if you have any questions. Contest will close as soon as I open the seal on my sixth case. Good luck!

Lowest parallel: C.J. Cron, Arkansas 21-17. looking forward to your case breaks Smile
Taylor Jungmann -- Arkansas 28-17. Good luck with your breaks.
Lowest Parallel: Sonny Gray
Arkansas 27 - 20
Lowest parallel Brandon nimmo
Arkansas 25-17
Kolten Wong
Arkansas 28-24
Matt Moore
Arkansas 35-24
Good luck and thanks for doing this. Always a pleasure watching it!
Michael Fullmer
Arkansas 24-20
Kyle Crick
K state 35-17
Thanks for the contest!

I'll go with Dylan Bundy, with score of Cotton Bowl being Ark 38 - KSU 21
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