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So I started collecting again this past November, and I got these nice cards today in the mail, if you have any Revis please let me know I'm always looking for them! Thanks for looking!

My first 1/1! Nothing big, but I like it Big Grin

[Image: Revis.jpg]
Awesome pickups congrats
Congrats man! i dont own a 1/1....very jealous! Smile
Thanks guys Big Grin I picked the 1/1 up for $22 shipped, so I was pretty happy
Sweet pickups
Nice pickups!!!
I just pulled a GU/49 from 2011 Gridiron Gear. I can do 6 DLVD on it if you want. PM me with questions
Love the Five Star and Contenders auto's! Nice!
Thanks everyone!
CongraTz on the 1/1 pickup I am still trying to hunt down a Navorro 1/1. I've got none Sad
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