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I have already opened the case however i have seperated the cards by box number.

I will put details of each box every once in a while as i'm cataloging them and doing other things at the same time.

Box #11 will be done last as that contains the best card of the bunch by a long shot...

Anyways i'll be back shortly for box #1 and will proceed as if this was a live break so you should have the entire case in the next hour or so i would think

box 1 of 12

Young Guns: Nick Bonino, Andrew Bodnarchuk, Alex Plante,
Cody Almond, Sergei Bobrovsky, Nick Johnson

Dustin Tokarski Young Guns Red Exclusive 13/25

Brian Maclellan, Gary Roberts
Wow can't wait hope I hear about some red exclusive canucks or possible some printing plates Smile
Box #2 of 12

Young Guns: Andrew Bodnarchuk, TJ Brodie, Brandon Pirri,
Evgeny Dadonov, Sergei Bobrovsky, Dustin Tokarski

Buybacks: Tim Watters, Al Iafrate

Red Exclusive: Kris Russel 15/25
I need a Tangradi french /25 if you happen to pull one.
box 3 of 10

young guns: nick bonino, alex plante, kyle clifford,
cody almond, nick johnson, nazem kadri

buybacks: greg millen, dave taylor

red exclusive martin erat 13/25
I need a Ryan O'Reilly printing plate. Will pay if pulled. Good luck.
box 4 of 12

young guns: tj brodie, jeff skinner, brandon pirri,
evgeny dadonov, calyton stoner, nick palmieri

buybacks: paul fenton, rich sutter

red exclusive: kyle brodziak 25/25, jamie benn 7/25

box 5 of 12

young guns: jeff skinner, brayden schenn, clayton stoner,
justin falk, nick palmieri, dana tyrell

buybacks: neal broten, scott scissons

red exclusive: brayden irwin young guns 18/25

box 6 of 12

young guns zac dalpe, philip larsen, taylor hall,
anders lindback, eric tangradi, tommy wingels

dave andreychuk, wayne gretzky art ross trophy

what's the print run on the buybacks by the way?

red exclusive matt duchene 12/25

box 7 of 12

young guns: cam fowler, alexander burmistrov, jordan caron,
zach hamill, brandon yip, maxim noreau

buybacks: joe murphy, doug wilson

red exclusive: tyler kennedy 23/25

box 8 of 12

young guns: arthurs kulda, henrik karlsson, nick leddy,
jt wyman, alexander urbom, derek stepan,

buybacks: jacques cloutier, chris chelios

red exclusive cam ward 12/25

box 9 of 12

young guns: jeff penner, jake muzzin, casey wellman,
pk subban, matt taormina, jared cowen

buybacks: randy wood (has 2 certificates with it for some reason), vincent damphousse

red exclusive: michael ryder 11/25

box 10 of 12

young guns: jamie mcbain, brayden schenn, justin falk,
matt martin, dana tyrell, dustin tokarski

buybacks: michel mongeau, wayne gretzky (what a ripoff...the best buyback i would have had...
except it has no stamp like the other ones so its basically worthless

red exclusive; none

what a crappy box...thankfully box 11 will more than make up for it

i will skip box 11 for now Smile

box 12 of 12

young guns: cam fowler, jeff penner, marc olver,
jordan eberle, jared cowen, marcus johansson

buybacks: alexander mogilny, john vanbiesbrouck

red exclusive: dave bolland 13/25

is anyone still reading this thread? Because if nobody is reading it perhaps i shouldn't list what i got in box 11...the best one by far Smile
I am very interested in one of the Cam Fowler YGs cards!
(01-04-2012 08:23 PM)Ducks_Fan Wrote: [ -> ]I am very interested in one of the Cam Fowler YGs cards!

on to the best box....

i will on purpose mention every card except the best card in this post...i'm torturing you guys Smile

box 11 of 12

young guns: marc olver, jordan eberle, dustin kohn,
brayden irwin, marcus johansson, checklist

buybacks: dave snuggerud, mark messier (hart trophy)

red exclusive: clayton stoner young guns 25/25

i'll wait again for at least one more post before i post the best card by far...
Waiting for Box 11 results. Did you get "any" printing plates?
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