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Since it appears that Upper Deck has chosen to all but eliminate SPx this year, with the limited quantities that will be produced, the SPx 264/ PC will slow. I have over the years collected 264/ "variants". I prefer ones that are #d on the front, as with most Upper Deck product.

Variants = items with serial number 264/xxx, 0264/xxxx in other products and sports than SPx football.

I am pretty selective of the variants that I purchase. Focus is more on Autograph or Auto/Jersey items. Most are received via trades or freebies. Here is the current count of said 264/ as of 09-04-16:

Baseball - 77
Basketball - 66
Bowling - 1
Celebrity - 38
Football - 1928
Golf- 23
Hockey- 55
Other- 31

Total Variants - 2219

Start off with the SP Authentic Football:

2004 SP Authentic Michael Jenkins 264/799

[Image: 04SPaJenkins.jpg]

2004 SP Authentic Julius Jones 264/299...Second time I have owned it...

[Image: 04SPaJJones.jpg]

2005 SP Authentic Jason Campbell 264/299....Real?? Not sure...

[Image: 05SPaCampbell.jpg]

2005 SP Authentic Alex Smith 264/299

[Image: 05SPaSmithA.jpg]

2006 SP Authentic Demetrius Williams 264/999

[Image: 06SPaWilliams.jpg]


2007 SP Authentic Kenny Irons 264/725

[Image: 07SPaIrons.jpg]

2007 SP Authentic Dwayne Jarrett 264/399 BGS 8.5

[Image: 07SPaJarrett.jpg]

2007 SP Authentic Brian Leonard 264/725

[Image: 07SPALeonard.jpg]

2007 SP Authentic Marshawn Lynch 264/399

[Image: 07SPaLynch.jpg]

2007 SP Authentic Greg Olsen 264/725

[Image: 07SPAOlson.jpg]

2007 SP Authentic Antonio Pittman 264/725

[Image: 07SPaPittman.jpg]

2008 SP Authentic Donnie Avery 264/999

[Image: 08SPaAvery.jpg]

2008 SP Authentic David Booty 264/999

[Image: 08SPaBooty.jpg]

2008 SP Authentic Jake Long 264/999

[Image: 08SPALongJ.jpg]

2008 SP Authentic Jerome Simpson 264/999

[Image: 08SPaSimpson.jpg]

2008 SP Authentic Andre Caldwell 264/999

[Image: 08SPxCaldwell.jpg]


2009 SP Authentic Rhett Bomar 264/999

[Image: 09SPaBomar.jpg]

2009 SP Authentic Deon Butler 264/999

[Image: 09SPaButler.jpg]

2009 SP Authentic Glen Coffee 264/999

[Image: 09SPaCoffee.jpg]

2009 SP Authentic Michael Crabtree 264/499

[Image: 09SPaCrabtree.jpg]

2009 SP Authentic Aaron Curry 264/999

[Image: 09SPaCurry.jpg]

2009 SP Authentic Juaquin Iglesias 264/999

[Image: 09SPaIglesias.jpg]

2009 SP Authentic Tyson Jackson 264/999

[Image: 09SPaJackson.jpg]

2009 SP Authentic LeSean McCoy 264/999

[Image: 09SPaMcCoy.jpg]

2009 SP Authentic Hakeem Nicks 264/999

[Image: 09SPaNicks.jpg]

2009 SP Authentic Brian Robiskie 264/999

[Image: 09SPaRobiskie.jpg]

2009 SP Authentic Mike Thomas 264/999

[Image: 09SPaThomas.jpg]

2009 SP Authentic Mike Wallace 264/999

[Image: 09SPaWallace.jpg]

2010 SP Authentic Sam Bradford 264/499.....missed the Tebow in March, can't get the buyer to respond.... Sad

[Image: 10SPaBradford.jpg]

2010 SP Authentic Toby Gerhart 264/399

[Image: 10SPaGerhart.jpg]

2010 SP Authentic Rob Gronkowski 264/499

[Image: 10SPaGronkowski.jpg]

2010 SP Authentic Rolando McClain 264/499

[Image: 10SPaMcClain.jpg]

2010 SP Authentic Andre Roberts 264/499

[Image: 10SPaRoberts.jpg]

2010 SP Authentic Jordan Shipley 264/499

[Image: 10SPaShipley.jpg]

2010 SP Authentic Ben Tate 264/499

[Image: 10SPaTateB.jpg]

2010 SP Authentic Taylor Price 264/499

[Image: 10SPaTaylor.jpg]
Awesome man
(01-02-2012 04:18 PM)chads-cards Wrote: [ -> ]Awesome man

EXCELLENT!!! I Heart me some numbers Mr. 264!!!

Keep your eyes out for another SPA variant soon!
Great stuff Mister! Not enough Buckeyes in there (or is there a thread coming for those???).
(01-02-2012 06:50 PM)ricky williams 34 Wrote: [ -> ]EXCELLENT!!! I Heart me some numbers Mr. 264!!!

Keep your eyes out for another SPA variant soon!

Really??? Glad I started the appropriate thread in time then.... Tongue

I did acquire two 264/ SPa autos and a 264/ Sweet Spot helmet auto off of COMC last night....

(01-02-2012 07:34 PM)mrgonzodad Wrote: [ -> ]Great stuff Mister! Not enough Buckeyes in there (or is there a thread coming for those???).

Thank you. No, but I stated it off with one. There are a plethora of Buckeyes and Packers in the 264/ PC, to be yet shown....
Had an auto show up in the mail today, so I might as well display the SP Authentic autos....

2002 SP Authentic Ricky Williams 0264/1150....wrong Ricky...

[Image: 02SPaWiiliams.jpg]

2004 SP Authentic Chris Gamble 264/ Ohio State Buckeye

[Image: 04SPAGamble.jpg]

2005 SP Authentic Chase Lyman 264/850...scored this one in today's mail

[Image: 05SPaLyman.jpg]

2006 SP Authentic D'Brickashaw Ferguson 0264/1175

[Image: 06SPaFerguson.jpg]

2008 SP Authentic Paul Hubbard 264/399

[Image: 08SPaHubbard.jpg]

2008 SP Authentic Leodis McKelvin 264/399

[Image: 08SPaMcKelvin.jpg]

2008 SP Authentic Darius Reynaud 264/399

[Image: 08SPAReynaud.jpg]

2009 SP Authentic Louis Delmas 264/799

[Image: 09SPADelmas.jpg]

2009 SP Authentic Brooks Foster 264/799

[Image: 09SPaFoster.jpg]

2009 SP Authentic Rashad Jennings 264/799

[Image: 09SPaJennings-799.jpg]

2009 SP Authentic James Laurinaitis 264/299....another Buckeye addition

[Image: 09SPaLaurinaitis.jpg]

2010 SP Authentic Bryan Bulaga 264/599 PSA "10"

[Image: 10SPaBulaga.jpg]
So glad you have the wrong Ricky!!! I've been searching for that one for awhile! Wink

Great stuff!
why 264?
Great stuff, Mr 264! Love the patch on that Marshawn!
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