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Quite a variety of "variants" in today's mail.

2011 Totally Certified Randall Cobb 264/499

[Image: 11TCCobb.jpg]

2008 SP Authentic Kevin Smith 264/999

[Image: 08SPaSmithK.jpg]

A really nice buy back of 1995 SP....

2000 SP Authentic Tim Brown 264/302

[Image: 00SPBrownBuyback.jpg]
Love the colors on the Kevin Smith!!
This is one of the sickest collections I have ever seen.
(06-06-2012 11:05 PM)ricky williams 34 Wrote: [ -> ]Love the colors on the Kevin Smith!!

Pretty nice isn't it....

(06-07-2012 12:48 AM)dyosh13 Wrote: [ -> ]This is one of the sickest collections I have ever seen.

Thank you and thanks for checking it out.


I know this will freak you all out, but a little basketball....

A couple of boys from Ohio State and recognizing the OKC Thunders entrance into the NBA Finals.

2009-10 Absolute BJ Mullens 264/299

[Image: 0910AbsMullens.jpg]

2007-08 SP Rookie Threads Daqeuan Cook 264/799

[Image: 0708SPRTCook.jpg]
I had the /299 and found the /599 version.....

2011 Sweet Spot Dwayne Harris 264/599

[Image: 11SSHarris-599.jpg]

2011 Sweet Spot Dwayne Harris 264/299

[Image: 11SSHarris-299.jpg]
Yay! I love print runs!!!
264s live on without SPx! Smile
Very nice haul! Love the KSMith patch as well!
(06-08-2012 10:35 PM)ricky williams 34 Wrote: [ -> ]Yay! I love print runs!!!

I would love to finish a triplicate of the 2008 SPx RC parallels. I have numerous 2 of 3s....

(06-09-2012 10:12 AM)tigerkal1993 Wrote: [ -> ]Very nice haul! Love the KSMith patch as well!

Definitely a very nice patch, I like it!

(06-09-2012 01:42 AM)jaderock Wrote: [ -> ]264s live on without SPx! Smile

Yes it does!

Today's additions are added to the collection by the way of freebies.

First off Harold (UppieDowns) held a raffle on SSC and I was fortunate enough to snag a prize. Included in my bubble mailer was this:

2011 Topps Legends Calvin Johnson 264/299

[Image: 11LegendsJohnson-299.jpg]

Next, Ed (suggs4mvp) requested my address and man it was the mother lode....

2005 Bowman Chrome Eric Shelton 264/399

[Image: 05BCShelton.jpg]

2006 Ultimate Collection Ernest Wilford 264/525

[Image: 06UltWilford.jpg]

2008 Bowman Sterling Glenn Dorsey 264/569

[Image: 08BSDorsey-569.jpg]

2008 Elite Joseph Addai 264/400

[Image: 08EliteAddaiCR-400.jpg]

2008 Topps Triple Threads Chad Johnson 264/779

[Image: 08TTTJohnsonChad-779.jpg]

2009 Icons Brian Orakpo 264/450

[Image: 09IconsOrakpoClass.jpg]

2005 SP Authentic Justin Green 264/750

[Image: 05SPaGreenJustin.jpg]

Ed, Harold........THANK YOU!
Oooh, Hook'em!! Wink
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