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Great additions. Man did Upper Deck stamp that C.J Spiller hard or what?
(04-05-2012 07:15 PM)ZeroDave Wrote: [ -> ]Great additions. Man did Upper Deck stamp that C.J Spiller hard or what?

I know....


2002 UD Graded Donte Stallworth 264/700 PSA 10

[Image: 02UDGradedStallworth.jpg]

2002 UD Graded Woodrow Dantzler 264/550 PSA 9

[Image: 02UDGradedDantzler.jpg] this one today

2002 UD Graded Eric Crouch 264/550 PSA 9

[Image: 02UDGradedCrouch.jpg]

....and in a trade from thor804, thanks David

2006 SP Authentic Leonard Pope 0264/1175

[Image: 06SPaPope.jpg]
Love the Pope. Go dogs!!
(04-13-2012 09:20 PM)ugameck Wrote: [ -> ]Love the Pope. Go dogs!!

Thanks for checking in......


I really like the encased look of the Plates & Patches last year, so I snagged all the ones I could....

2010 Plates & Patches Jahvid Best 264/699

[Image: 10PPBest.jpg]

2010 Plates & Patches Jimmy Clausen 264/499

[Image: 10PPClausen.jpg]

2010 Plates & Patches Mardy Gilyard 264/699

[Image: 10PPGilyard.jpg]

2010 Plates & Patches Rob Gronkowski 264/699

[Image: 10PPGronkowski.jpg]

2010 Plates & Patches Mike Williams 264/699

[Image: 10PPWilliamsMike.jpg]

And the reason, that I decided to share the previous five was due to today's new addition......

2010 Plates & Patches Jordan Shipley 264/699

[Image: 10PPShipley.jpg]

Also, another nice 2011 addition....(still trying to land the AJ Green from a member on Blowouts)

2011 SP Authentic Blaine Gabbert 264/299

[Image: 11SPaGabbert.jpg]
264 "variant" #525....

2010 SP Authentic Mike Williams 264/499

[Image: 10SPaWilliamsM.jpg]
Quite a variety of 264 "variants" today.....

2004 Ultimate Collection Kevin Jones 264/275

[Image: 04UltJonesK.jpg]

2011 Finest Jerrel Jernigan 264/310

[Image: 11FinestJernigan.jpg]

2007 SP Authentic Garrett Wolfe 264/725

[Image: 07SPaWolfe.jpg]
Some really gorgeous cards you're picking up for this collection, Mr. 264. You're making me drool with some of the patches. Smile
A little Buckeye love....

2012 Ultimate Collection Dan Herron 264/450

[Image: 12UltHerron.jpg]
Took a while to reel this one in.......

2009 SP Authentic Brandon Tate 264/299

[Image: 09SPaTate.jpg]
Wow, I've missed some GREAT adds Mr. 264!! Love the SPa's, especially that Wolfe!! For some reason I liked those Plates and Patches too, and glad to see Ship Ship represented in your PC!

Big Grin
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