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So bday is tomorrow, trying to decide on what box I should break. Dont wanna spend more then $100, but what does everyone think? Which products have you had some decent pulls from? I was leading towards inception as I've had some good cards from them, but maybe something new. Certified or Triple Threads. Part of me wants to go buy a 1998 bowman box and maybe pulling a great manning RC, or was thinking of just going to like target and getting a few $20 boxes. Thoughts thanks.
i would stay away from target boxes they dont garuntee a hit i have had a great pull from 09 contenders. Also some sweet hits from ncaa sweet spot.
Certified if you're going to spend $100. Don't waste money busting 5 blasters if you're going for hits. Get your guaranteed hits from a hobby box (4 from certified).

Or wait until the 10th and pick up the new SP Authentic for $140
well i been doing a little research on boxes lately and it seems like bowman sterling is one of the better boxes with like 6+ hits a alot, but it has a hefty price tag, so basically a hunerd bucks every 3 hits.

So if your looking at a hunerd, then go for Certified. With 4 hits you cant go wrong there and they are some nice clean looking cards.
go with the certified. lots of legend autos in thereSmile Ive had good luck with it. far its looking like certified
Certified is the best bang for your buck with what you're willing to spend. A secondary option would probably be Crown Royale.
but 45-50 on a mini box of sterling is not bad considering you get at least 2 jerseys and 1 auto per pack.

2 packs would give you 4 jerseys and 2 autos. just another 2cents Smile
I'd go with Certified under $100 if your looking for the hits, Chrome is good too if you're an all or nothing kind of guy.
Inception is gonna be a big risk. I bought a box for 100 and got not even 1 card with a sell value of 10 bucks. Great product design but bad value and poor collation. You would be WAY better off buying singles from that product. I would say with the poor products being released lately to go for something older but then you have the fear of hitting a big expired redemption. I wish there was a way to find out wich product had live or expired redemptions in them.

Redemptions are the WORST thing to happen to our hobby.
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