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I only want to make one. I do have a rule though. I will only make a banner for active users b/c I don't want to make one and it not be used. Just let me know what you want on it and I will decide which I will make and get to work.

Here are some others I have made:

[Image: Tucksbanner.jpg]
[Image: Shipley.png]
[Image: Missouri.jpg]
[Image: 49ers.jpg]
Please make one for me
I would like one with redskins
Still looking at offers. I'll try to make one for one of you if I don't get a more active user request.
I have been pretty active for the past month since I got back in to collecting. I took about 2 or 3 years of after graduating college (trying to find a job) and then getting married. But it is whatever, give it to whoever you want.
Who would you want on it?
Mark Ingram, Marcell Dareus, and James Carpenter
I need one if not already set. Im on daily
i could use a Drew Brees and Stevan Ridley if not set already
PM will be sent, choice has been made.
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