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Up late watching Pawn Stars on History and a cheerleader for the 49ers came in to sell a Super Bowl ring from 1989. It's a ring made for the cheerleaders and not the players. They offered $1,400 for it but she declined. Pretty amazing at any rate.
I believe ( not sure when it started) that everyone in the Organization gets one... even cheerleaders and front office people. They have a TON of SB rings in that shop !!
I know for a fact the front office gets Super Bowl rings as well. I do not believe they are the highest grade Diamonds like the players, but I have worn rings from the 70s Steelers when a gentleman worked in the office.
ive seen a ton of super bowl rings, bowl rings, etc in the past few years. they lowballed her a bit
They have a few player worn rings as well but they are asking a ton for them understandably.
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