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Happy New Years to everyone.

Inspired by jaderock's thread of his Mark Brunell collection (, I am sharing my Jarome Iginla collection as a way of showing off, (re-)introducing myself to the Beckett forums and perhaps spark discussions about adding to the collection.

I started collecting Iginla during the 2000/2001 season after hearing rumors of him being traded to the New York Rangers. I wanted to jump on the bandwagon early because I thought that collecting him would be more challenging after the trade. Well, the trade did not happen and competition for his cards became fierce after his 52 goal season and continues to remain challenging. I haven't added anything to the collection recently but hopefully, that will change soon.

I hope everyone enjoys the pics. I looked forward to your feedback.

Week 1 (1/1/12) - 2003-2004 BAP Ultimate Memorabilia Made To Order Triple

[Image: DSC01575.jpg]

The redemption card is the most I've ever spent for an Iginla card. I thought about going for the quad, double and single MTO cards as well. But I'm quite satisfied about having the triple be the centerpiece of my collection.
Welcome back(?) to the boards. VERY SWEET Iginla card you have there for your centerpiece
welcome back

and that MTO is amazing
Welcome back. Congrats on the MTO. I always wanted to get one but never wanted to spend the cash. Very nice pickup!
Welcome back, sweet card
That's going to be a tough one to beat no matter how many more windows they manage to squeeze in there...looking forward to week 2.
I'm amazed at what they can put on cards. I'm just floored. That's so awesome what they are doing with cards now. Part of his skate...amazing. That is the sweetest card i have seen so far.
Beautiful card! I'm sure it was worth the money....gotta love those UM sets.
Thanks for everyone for looking and the comments so far! Here is my week 2 card.

Week 2 (1/8/12) - 2006-2007 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics Seven Jersey (4/5)

[Image: P1130674.jpg]

Ever since I decided to collect Iginla, I stopped buying boxes and collecting other players. So multiplayer cards were a good way for me to include other players in my collection. In addition to Iginla, this card has GU jersey pieces from Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, Peter Forsberg, Martin St Louis and Joe Thornton.
are there any cards where the manufacturer puts a piece of the player's helmet into the card? or shoulder pads?
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