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bump for the DT update.
I have another idea i've been working on, i should be done and have it posted tomorrow
Those are freaking awesome. Not sure you could do it but a triple Sooner of Bosworth, Lee Roy Selmon and Roy Williams would be neat to see. Loe the work and design keep it up
I love the Contenders cards! I'd love to see more of those if you post 'em!
thanks for the kind words guys
Been meaning to add a new card for a couple weeks now but my photoshop computer isnt cooperating. Its w/ Geek squad right now so hopefully i'll be able to show a couple more this week if they can figure everything out
(01-10-2012 09:34 PM)redskins316 Wrote: [ -> ]I love the R G III Contenders, hope it comes to fruition

+100000000000000000000 me too
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