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Pulled this card at B&C Sports in Lynchburg Virginia just before Christmas.

[Image: 2011BowmanSterlingCamNewtonSuperfractor3...RC1of1.jpg]
Holy S dude!!!!! I'd put that bad boy up on the bay ASAP as Sterling is hot right now. A printing plate went for $660 so I'm guessing at least $3200?

Wowzers man! Congrats again!
Never heard of him. Maybe next time.
that will definately pull in some cash, congrats
My 7 Jernigans, 6 Bilal Powells, and 13 Todman's are way better than that
congrats nice card ,
some people just seem to step into the best piles of ............. LOL
sell that thing now ..
The funny part is that all the other sellers that are using this picture to sell cases/boxes will have to change now...LOL
You hit the mother load! Wow what a card! I would throw that up on ebay as well unless you are a Newton collector. Congrats again!
WOW! Way to end the year with a bang! Would love to have that card, but I know you'll get way better offers. But yea, put that thing on the bay and watch the price go up.
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