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Won a $5 gift card to Target at work and decided there's nothing better to spend it on other than hockey cards. When I got there I noticed they had a fresh stock of 11-12 Certified and decided to give one a whirl despite the $29.99 price tag.

Pack one landed base.
Pack two landed a Tim Thomas Champions. Very cool looking insert, very small BV.
Pack three had a Datsyuk base on the back (score), Filppula base on the front (score) and a thick card in the middle.

43/99 (score)

I was looking for Red Wings out of this so I think I got myself a really good box. Just sharing what these things contain. Happy New Year to all.
very nice
very nice hit congrats
That 3rd pack was a great PC pack for you.
Thanks for sharing...great hit. Happy new year!
Sweet howard
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