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[Image: 2011-12Artifacts_mem_GU_hits4boxes.jpg]

[Image: 2011-12artifacts_GU_MEM_hits4boxes.jpg]

the prize would have to be the 2011-12 Artifacts Patches Autographs Spectrum #19 Jonathan Toews AU MEM SER 1/3

and of course there was a nice pull of Emeralds, Ser. Stars/Legends/rookies, and a few autos, gotta love the artifacts sets
Interested in moving the Getzlaf? Let me know I'm definitely interested in trading for it!
although i am kind of a set builder and would normally hold onto any inserts for a set im trying to build. anything is up for the right trade, i will always consider offers. Looking for 2005-06 UD GU, Inserts, Paralels, 2011-12 UD inserts, paralel, GU, Autos. and any Oilers GU, Auto, High end, Inserts

RNH, Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, RNH
Some very nice cards there! Love that Toews! If the Price is available, I would be interested.

ya i dont really know what to do with that Toews, being so rare. i was thinking maybe ill try and get the other 2, ha ha

some sweet cards there very nice

check me for that datsyuk please. send me a trade offer if you wish. Thanks!
Congrats on the cards - Artifacts has been incredible this year. I even bought the last few packs left in a couple of boxes and scored some nice cards.

SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats
Wow, beautiful cards, especially the Toews...regardless of print run.
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